Strange Brew coffee is roasted weekly (Wednesday), to provide you with the freshest coffee experience possible! We ship whole bean, but we can grind to order. Simply tell us what kind of filter you have if you would like your coffee ground. Because of our small batch roasting, any order placed after Monday of roast week may have to wait until the following week to roast.

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  • Robot Rampage

    Robot Rampage

    Robot Rampage - Whole Bean. A portion of money from this product goes towards the Red Alert Robotics team. They are a local school club that builds and competes with robots. The real reason we support them is so when the robot masters are in charge and they are assigning jobs, we (and you if you buy this coffee) can say you helped support the uprising. They will most certainly take leniency on us and give us the best of the jobs. We may even get more food rations.

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  • Southern Pecan

    Southern Pecan

    Southern Pecan is flavored medium roast. The picture shows Almond Joe but that is because we are lazy. Believe me, if you order this you will get Southern Pecan.

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  • Sticky Bun
  • Sumatra Dark
  • Zombie Defense Coffee Blend

    Zombie Defense Coffee Blend

    A Rich, Earth Toned Coffee with Extra Caffeine. We have designed this blend to help you survive in the inevitable Zombie apocalypse. Extra Caffeine to help keep you awake and alert. Weather you are just waking up and may need to run for your life, getting ready to go out on patrol or just hanging out guarding your camp, this Zombie Defense Coffee Blend is for you. "Stay Awake and Alert, No matter what state the outside world is in!"

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