A blonde Brazilian roast combined with an Ethiopian roasted lighter to give a smooth nutty flavor. Kick your shoes off and enjoy a cup of great coffee while you help a great cause, Shoes for humanity.

Blond(e) and Bitchy Barista. Long story short... A couple of customers at Strange Brew were asked to put their shoes back on while in the shop. They threw a fit and then wrote a note and left it (secretly) by the cash register. The main tone of the note was that the "Blond and bitchy barista" left a bad taste in their mouths. The note is long and threatening. That really stinks. So we here at Strange Brew Coffee flipped it...

(below is what was posted on Facebook)..

You know what we like to do? We like to take a negative and turn it into a positive. Last week when we asked a woman to please put her shoes back on in the cafe (citing that even though it's a coffee shop we still have to follow board of health rules) the woman retaliated by leaving a note calling one of us  blonde and b*tchy, multiple times.
Lemme tell you, when you work 7 days a week, when that particular day was an open to close, it's easy to let something like that drag you down.
You can turn it into something positive. So meet our newest roast. "Blond and bitchy barista" . Every bag of this sold will help fund Shoes for Humanity. A non profit organization that helps get shoes to those in need.
Because that's how we are always gonna roll. Stay positive, stay caffeinated.

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  • What can I say...

    Posted by Ivy on 07/17/2015


    Even though I drink mostly tea, I want to give you a thumb-up for what you do here! You have shown class and wit-- BRAVO!

  • Great coffee, great cause!

    Posted by Dave Combs on 07/22/2015


    AMAZING! We just had our first cup, and it's DELICIOUS! What's even more delicious is knowing that with every sip we're supporting a great cause, Shoes for Humanity. Way to keep it positive!

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